Email Etiquette

Joana Reyes Period:2

1) Get to the point, Try not to make a E-mail longer than a page. Then the person you are trying to email will not read it and throw it away. 2) If handing in to a teacher, write your Name and class period and the subject of what project you are doing, because your teacher has a lot of students and she can't remember all of your names and assessments. 3) Make sure to read the text before sending because you could be easily misunderstood, like if you say to a teacher "I need those papers now" it may sound like a nice email but to the teacher it may sound very rude. 4) CUPS matter. Capitalization, usage, punctuation, and spelling right is key to a perfect E-Mail, you can't send this "i ned to have papers from yesterday.....:-/ 5) Don’t use ALL CAPS, use the right tone, and do not send an E-mail when angry, or your email will turn out like this "I CAN'T BELIVE YOU DITCHED ME...I AM SO MAD AT YOU RIGHT NOW! 6) abbreviations and emoticons are not always professional, as in LOL, :-) 7) Your e-mail is not all private, because once you hit send, that e-mail is no longer yours, some one can easily send it to the whole world.

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