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Chile's capital is named Santiago.

This Is Chile's Flag.

Chile's flag was adopted on October 18, 1817 just before Chile won independence from Spain in 1818. The blue square on the flag represents the sky. The white stripes on the flag represents the snow from the Andes mountains. The red symbolizes blood that was spilled for the fight for freedom. The signal star represents the powers of the government. Also the height of the flag is supposed to be two-thirds the width of the flag.


Chile is governed Chile is governed by the constitution of 1981 as amended. It is a multiparty democracy with a elected president who serves a four-year term. The president may not be elected to repeating terms. The bicameral legislature consists of a 38 person Senate, whose members are elected and serve eight-year terms, and a 120-seat Chamber of Deputies, whose members are elected for four years. Members of both houses are elected from two-seat districts. Administratively, Chile is separated into 13 regions.

President: Michelle Bachellet

Michelle Bachellet


Chile's official language is Spanish.

Where Chile  is Located

Chile is located in South America. Chile's time zone is 3 hours ahead of the time zone that we are in.

______________________________________________(Chile is the light orange country.)

This is a picture of were Chile is on the map. As you can see there is small islands beside Chile in the water, those are also part of Chile.

Tourist Attactions

The number one tourist attraction in Chile is the Easter Islands.

Another tourist attraction of Chile is the world's largest pool. The largest pool is at a hotel called San Alfonso Del Mar. This pool was completed in 2006. 3,324 feet long, covering nearly 20 acres. This pool is estimated to cost more than $1 billion.  

For more facts about the world's largest pool go to.

Fantasilandia is a amusement park in Chile.


Chilean culture is a combination of Indigenous and Spanish influences. Due to mix of cultures, Chile has a mix of ethnicities and a relatively varied society. The history of Chile is similar to its nearby Latin American countries.

What Chile's land is Like

3/4 of Chile is mountainous. The ocean forms a boundary between southern and western Chile. Chile's narrow coastline is mostly made up of cliffs and mountain ranges. Along the nation's eastern boundary is the Andres Mountains. Chile also has 500 volcanoes with 123 volcanoes that are active and have erupted before.      

Climate of Chile

Chile is so long North to South that it has many differing climate zones. The summer months in Chile are December, January, and February. The winter months are June, July, and August. When it is spring in North America or Europe it is Autumn in Chile. Santiago, the nation's capital has a ideal climate which is why 80% of the of the population lives there. In Santiago summers are a maximum of 82 degrees C to 90 degrees C. In winter temperatures occasionally drop to 32 degrees C.    


Chile's most popular money is called a Chilean Peso. 1 Chilean Peso is equal 0.0016 U.S. dollars.

Important Holidays

Interesting Facts

1:Chile the country is spelled with a E at the end, while chili the food is spelled with a I at the end.

2:Chile the country didn't actually get it's name from making the food named chili ,but from other different things.

3:A Minister created Chile's flag.

4:Chile's government supports the UFO research organization.

5:Chile has the lowest divorce rate out of any other country.

6:In modern times Chile was hit by 28 earthquakes.

7:Chile has the world's largest reserve of copper.

8:Football (soccer) is the country's most popular sport. In 2000 The Chilean men soccer team won a bronze metal.

   9: Chile was the longest record for dry spells, in the Atacama Desert it did not rain for 40 years.

10: Chile is the worlds 38th largest country.

11: Chile's population is estimated to be about 20.2 million by 2050.

12: It is believed that native Americans settled in Chile about 10,000 years ago.


Pictures of Chile

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