The World Of Drugs

                                  BY: Ryan Wilson and Cole Smith


Tobacco comes in many forms, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff and cigars. Tobacco has a ingredient called nicotine which makes you want more of it. Tobacco can cause different forms of cancer and other diseases.  


Stimulants are a type of drug that keep your brain active and keeps you awake. They raise your blood sugar which makes you hyper. It can cause brain damage, heart failure and strokes. Pop has caffeine  which keeps you awake.


They cause activity in the brain and body to slow down. It slows heart rate and breathing so it makes it harder to breath. Alcohol is the most commonly used depressant. Depressants can cause brain damage and death.


In conclusion we have shown you that drugs are bad for you and you should not smoke or ever use them. You also could run out of money while buying these drugs. So think twice before you try drugs because once your on you can't get off.

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