Shekou Golf Federation

Welcome to the club, Swinger!

This, is yourMembership Card

What's up wanna be golfer, you're in! The Shekou Golf Federation wants to extend it's limp hand and welcome you to the ONLY Virtual Golf League in Shekou, China...that we know of! With this membership card you can start competing with the best of the rest virtual golfers around Shekou, and hey, if you know someone else who wants to swing with us, give them our website and invite them along. Thinking about it, as long as your better than them, you have a chance of winning some of the kitty!

So you can start recording your rounds, the password to the website is ballsandshaft. No this is not a sexist remark, this is simply two parts of what makes golf possible, because no one is good enough to play an entire 18 holes of golf and keep just one ball!

Anyway, welcome to the club and good luck! See you on the course!

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