Aquarium Project

By : Madison Brown, Myra Comiskey, Morgan Waller

"When in doubt, tank it out!" Welcome to our Aquarium Project, this is where you can find the best deals for the best prices! Lets say you started out with 700$. You want to get the most out of it, right? Wrong. Wasting too much of your money isn't going to help out much, to be honest. What you are in need of are at least a minimum four fishes, a tank ( large, small, medium ), filter, heater to warm up your fishes during cold weather, light, gravel to let your fishes digest their food, plants, and don't forget your decorations!


We decided to demonstrate the Angelfish:

Angelfishes are often in warm water. The average temperature its in is between 76 - 86 degrees. It's diet is a bit of flake, frozen, and freeze dried. The angelfish costs around the average of 4.99$. Things to remember about the angel fish is that they should NOT be housed with highly aggressive mates or fin nippers. The Ange fish van live between 5-12 years!

Mickey mouse platy

For the second fish we chose the Mickey mouse platy.

The mickey Mouse Platy's diet consist of a bit of flake, frozen, and freeze dry. the average temperature is around 72-82 degrees. Things to remember about the Mickey Mouse Platy is that they are suitable for living in a community tank. They live about five years! its 1.00.


The tank coast 150$ The dimensions of the tank are, 30"L*10"D*14"H. The volume of the tank is: 4,200 inches cubed. The amount of gallons it can hold is 3.085. For gravel we need 2 bags . it is 28 inches thick.  its volume is 840.

tank decorations

for the tank decorations we chose: filter-up to 35=gallons=36.00

heater-up to 65 degrees to 93 degrees.=40.00

green moduo grass=15.00

blue medium rock blue=9.00

volcano bubbler=25.00

rock cave=35.00


the equation is 2.00+9.98=11.98.  we started with $700 we ended up with 323.02.

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