A Report About Sisters        

              By  AGMEL

   Hello, my name is Melody and I am going to talk  about my book report, which is Sisters!

          The Summary

        Raina can't wait to be a big sister. When Amara was born, things are a mess! Raina and Amara's relationship is not improved. But, when their brother was born, things don't seem right.  Now, they are taking a trip from San Francisco to Colorado.

             The Author

     The Author is Raina Telgemeier. It is all about her life. Her books are fantastic.  

      The Main Characters

                   Raina, Amara, Will, Mom,and Dad are the main characters. The cousins, and the rest of the relatives are really not the main characters.

             What I Like About It

  I like reading comics, chapter books,  graphic novels, and the pictures. I feel like I am in a movie!

          What Connection  In The           Story I Have

    My siblings and I sometimes have conflicts, sometimes, and we went to a roadtrip and sometimes I got bothered. I love snakes

         Why Should You Read It1

  You should read it because it is enterntaining! I love the pictures! It has a littlie humor!

    Well, that's the end. Thank you for listening!

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