The capital of Chile is Santiago.

  1. The majority religion in Chile is Christian (71%), with an estimated 59% of Chileans belonging to the Catholic Church, 16% Protestant or Evangelical and just 3% with any other religion. Agnostics and atheist are estimated at 22%.

Chilean Corn Pie Also known as pastel de choclo, this traditional corn dish is perfect for any special occasion. Pebre Sauce No Chilean barbeque is complete without this cilantro-based spicy sauce. Just remember that Pebre isn't served over the meat, but over bread or on a salad.

Traditional Chilean clothing is very vivid, lively, and festive. It is also based a lot around comfort because most of the population in Chile work in jobs that use manual labor and modern fashion also has a lot of influence from traditional Chilean clothing because it is very patriotic, showing pictures that represent the country, it is very bright, and rare.

  • A handshake, a warm hug and one kiss on the right cheek are common greetings among friends.
  • Always greet the head of the household or most senior person first.

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