English Premier League Wages From 1984-2010
By:Ian Fleming

How have English Premier League Wages changes from 1984-2010? English Premier League wages have grown tremendously. From 480 Euros in 1984 to 22,353 Euros in 2010. There has been an increase of 21,873 Euros and an increase by 4,557%

Division 1=Euros 480=1984

Premier League=Euros 22,353=2010

The percent of change is an increase of 4,557% from 1984-2010.

I chose this topic because I love soccer. This is an amazing increase. I can't believe that in 34 years a soccer wage could increase by 4,557%. That is a lot of money. I thought that they would only increase by 200% but it was 22 times that. Imagine how much it will increase in the next 34 years with more money being made. That will be crazy.

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