The things that the nazi's did in the camps

Definition of the holocaust "The holocaust was a state sponsored, systematic persecution, and annihalation of european jewry by nazi germany and its collaborators, between 1933 and 1945"m

The things the Nazi's did to the innocent people was just plain out STUPID!  If you think children being taken away from there parents was bad your wrong. In the camps you had people being killed all around you from exhaustion, starvation, and sicknesses. Then you had the killing centers... The killing centers were desinged to kill thousands of people each day. Imagine working walking into a room being told your going to take a shower but instead in a matter of seconds you see people plop dead right next to you and you realize your being gassed.. Then...... you die.

THe march of survival

The marches were horrible! The marches would go from east to west on FOOT! If you stopped or couldnt keep up, you would be shot. The reason they were doing these marches was because the Russians were gaining more ground. They also were moving because if the russians got a survivor of the holocaust they would tell everything that happened to them

Hitler as a little boy

In Hitlers early years he was baptized as a catholic. Also hitler was of JEWISH desent!!! so you could say hitler had some jewish blood in him! which doesnt make sense why he wanted to kill all jews later on in his life.

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