Fidel Castro
by Jake Lyman

1) Profile of Castro

Castro was born on August 13, 1926. Military leader 1926-Present. Served as President from 1976 to 2008. He used Guerrilla warfare to overthrow Batista. Converted military and economic relations with the USSR. Served as Prime Minister. Merged communism into the country. Promoted himself as leading spokesperson. He known for creating relations with communist countries.

2) Audio/Visual/Artistic Element

  • Fidel Castro in this video talks about armed struggle with Cuba and the other nations themselves all around the world. He says how this armed struggle in his country is the only path to liberation. He also believes that other Latin American countries and other countries around the world have no other choice but Armed struggle. He speaks about imperialism and how it appears in other countries to "prevent demographic triumph of the revolution." Castro explains how that can make people struggle and how armed struggle is the only real solution. He claims that people only have two choices- To suffer, or to fight. He talks about how the use of Guerrilla tactics to find about the weaknesses of the enemy and win the fight. His techniques shaped the country to what it has become today and what resources he has gained over the years of his fight. And how he can make peoples lives better for the good.

3) Creative Piece

Fidel Castro was an amazing hero for Cuba. Although his first attack with his group of rebels had failed and he was exiled to Mexico with his brother Raul Castro and many other Cuban rebels he kept persistent. While in Mexico he planned with other revolutionaries like Che Guevara. He then headed back to Cuba where he took control and became Cuba's new leader in 1959. As soon as the United States got involved the situation quickly escalated. I believe that Castro did the right thing for both him and his people. I believe that every one of Castro's actions can be justified. He fought for his country and he was going to make life in Cuba better for everyone if he could win the fight.

4) Essential Question

How does the use of Guerrilla Tactics under Castro give us a better understanding of how the fight was not just for himself but for the people of his country?