The Sound Of Music

The lyrics to sound of music is written by Maria
By Ciera F.

Maria and the children sang many songs like " MY Favorite Things " The lyrics are written by Maria, " Do Re Mi " The lyrics are written by Maria, " Sixteen Going On Seventeen "Is by Liesl, and Rolf, This is the movie. The actors for the movie is Maria, Georg,The children are Liesl, Luisa, Friedrich, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and Gretl. Max, Rolf, Mother Abess and the sisters are Margaretta, Berthe, Sophia, Bernice,

In the musical Carrie Underwood did very good but the movie version is more realistic. The actors in the musical are Mother Abbess, Sister Margaretta, Sister Berthe, Sister Sophia, Sister Bernice, Carrie Underwood as Maria, Georg, The children are Liesl, Luisa, Fiedrich, Kurt, Brigitta, Marta, and gretl. And there is Max and Rolf. I think if the musical was a movie and it was more realistic than it would be good.

Here is the children and Maria and Georg dancing and the small picture is Carrie Underwood and the musical Georg sitting.


I did my Sound Of Music project on the children and Maria on the mountain singing. I like the movie better than the musical, the movie was more interesting and the musical was not really interesting because she walks through walls to get to the Abby or to a another place. It was not like the movie they sung different songs in scenes like the scene wear they sing my favorite things. The musical was really different from the movie. When the movie had the dance scene they danced inside, In the musical when they had the dance scene it was outside. I think the dance was better inside in the movie because they danced in the gold room or the ball room. In the musical they did not have the gold room or the ball room. I think the musical should have been like the movie. I think the musical would have been better and alot of people would have liked it if it was the same as the movie. I used WWW.GOOGLE.COM AND WWW.SOUND OF MUSIC INTERACTIVE.COM to get the pictures and to get information for this project. I learned more things about the sound of music then i did know now i have a better understanding about the sound of music. Down below is the pictures of the VonTrapp's house. They lived in Salzburg Austria

This is front of the VonTrapp's house

This is the back of the VonTrapp's

This is the Guzibo that Liesl and Rolf, Maria and Georg sung and danced in. Liesl left her house at dinner why her dad does not about it and she goes outside to meet Rolf. This is were Maria was, When Georg came and said he was in love and that is why he was not going to merry someone else because he was already in love.

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