This reminds me of Cole's secret weapon.

Chapter 2

Tyray might get in huge trouble with the cops and he might go to jail for having the gun and making the teenagers to be


This image reminds me of the book of the spirit bear because it talks about payback on both of the books and they end up saying sorry or stuff like that, because they have to have to apologize to the people they hurt or to themselves.  

The image reminds me because they have the same attitude in them and they want the bullies to serve what they had done to them so that is why tray is getting a gun so he can make everyone scared. Cole in the other book he wanted to change he didn't want to become a bully like they have so why get in so much trouble he is going to end up going to jail because of him the bullies that bully tray.


When I changed it was when I got my new phone because my parents told me that if I don't change my attitude them I wouldn't get another phone in  my life till high school. I sometimes yell at my parents because they sometimes get me mad.

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