My name is Cheng,I don't have  English name yet.I come from China,a old country in the world. Now,I'm live in Thunder Bay, a city of Canada,it very close to the US. I'm study in confederation college now.And I meet some classmate in there,they are all very friendly people.

More information about me,I'm manager of small translate organization in China. Although,I'm not directly take part in the task because my job look like a headhunter and plotter.I like light music,and some rock,but my favorite type of music is piano music. Maksim,Mrvica and Marasy(one of Japanese piano lovers) is my favorite musician.

  • Three of my favorite music,and I'm surprised in Marasy video, his hand is so fast!

I have many hobby , such as science , technology,history and political,so usually I like stay at bookstore and talk about that with my friend.In fact,some reason I have these hobby because I'm affected by my friend. Although, I love bicycling and playing badminton,but I don’t like get out from home.

I have many plan in my life,I want to Yale University if I have chance.And I hope I can work in Huawei,a very good company in China and world.As  South Korea's Samsung or Apple USA. But I think these is not unnecessary and not very important in my life.I like money,but I don't like the feeling that work for others.

But in practice,I'have a great goals in my mind. I want build a theme holiday village include my fantasy. And I will use the science and technology to build my plan

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