Mr.. Beatty

Captain of the Fireman

Indirect: Intelligent

In Fahrenheit 451, Captain Beatty is indirectly characterized as intelligent. One example of this is that Mr. Beatty knows everything about books and being a firefighter. He always knows what to do and how to do it because he's the captain. This is indirect Characterization because it doesn't exactly say he is intelligent, but we can infer that he is by the way he is as a character in the book.

Direct: always Right

In Fahrenheit 451, Mr. Beatty is directly characterized as always right. One Example of this is, "Did you hear Beatty? Did you listen to him? He knows all the answers. He's right." Captain Beatty always gave Montag and some of the other firefighters advice to help them, help them become not a only a better firefighter, but a better person as well. This is direct characterization because a specific character spoke the exact words of him being right. The audience doesn't need to put clues together to figure out what he is directly characterized as, its spoken in the story.

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