Tamir Rice. 12 year old boy.

CNN News. Cleveland: 12-year-old's police shooting death his own fault.

By: Elliott C. McLaughlin. Updated March 2, 2015

November 22......Tamir was shot by police officer, Timothy Loehmann. His fake gun was mistaken for a real one. They didn't even take the chance to check out what was going on.

  • 991 received phone call that guy in park had a pistol. Claimed it was probably fake, but he was scaring people.
  • The dispatcher didn't relay that part of the message to the police officers
  • Police showed up and shot at Tamir less than 1.7 seconds from getting out of car.

Tamir died the next day due to injuries of a major vessel, intestines, and pelvis.


  • The Rice family isn't the only ones who have received bad treatment from the Cleveland officers. Known to use guns, tasers, pepper spray, and their fists "excessively, unnecessarily, and in retaliation.”
  • Rice family placed lawsuit against city of Cleveland

What I think...

I don't agree with this because I have heard a lot on the news lately about people, especially young teens, getting shot by the police. I think they shouldn't  start shooting when they come up to the scene. I know this isn't always the case though.

  • This affect us because we need to know how the law enforcements do their jobs. We should know that our community will be safe and treated fairly.

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