By Marcus, Ryan and Russell

What is a magnet?

A magnet is a object which produces a magnetic field. Normally, the magnet attracts ferromagnetic objects such as iron and nickel. There is a type of magnet called a permanent magnet, which never loses their magnetism. Objects can be magnetized or demagnetized.

Uses of magnets

Compass : The magnetized pointer of a compass aligns itself with a magnetic field. Due to the Earth's magnetic field, we can use this to know which way is North, West, East or South.

Magnets can also be used to separate specific types of metals from other objects, elements. For example, finding a needle in a haystack will be much easier if one uses a magnet.

Magnetic metals

Iron, nickel and cobalt are magnetic because they have strong magnetic moments.

Image of a magnet with field lines

Video on how the earth's magnetic field works

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