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Tale of Brono

                The evil monster, Brono Shriekmore, a decedent of the ice demon terrorized the Kindom of Nova Brono was angered because the people would cause avalanches, which blocked his cave while mining. At the break of dawn he would go into town and take everyone's children. He would lock them in his cave and it was said that you could hear the kids shrieks for miles down the mountain. Brono hoped this would end the mining, however, the mining simply increased causing even greater avalanches. It would take him days to break through the snow causing him to become even more infuriated. He would go into the town at the break of dawn freezing the miners solid where they slept, until finally their was none left. The men tried to fight back but realized they were no match for the fierce monster. Brono thought he had finally reached peace until one day the mighty Firewulf was recruited by the king. Brono hadn't lived peacefully in his cage when another avalanche occurred. Furious he plowed through the snow finding Firewulf waiting for him. Brono was not concerned he would freeze this miner just like every other. As he blew out the ice he realized nothing was happening. Firewulf remained perfectly fine. Brono tried again and again until he realized his true defeat. This man was not a simple miner, however a warrior of fire. With one quick swing of his burning hot blade, he beheaded the ice monster Brono Shriekmore.  The shriek of Brono was heard for miles down the mountain as he saw his life come to end. Firewulf saved the children and the people becoming a hero among the Kingdom of Nova. It is said to this day that the hollowing winds in the mountain still sound like the deathly shrieking of Brono Shriekmore.

Here the evil Brono Shriekmore holds the shrieking children hostage in his cave amongst the mountains.

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Brono Shriekmore goes into town at night to steal the children and freeze the miners.

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The battle between Brono Shriekmore and Firwulf.

Firewulf is shown here as he gives respect for the monsters life he taken.

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Once the people had realized they once again could live in peace without the threat of Brono Shriekmore they celebrated at Lucifer's hall for months forgetting their past mining lives.

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