2013 I Changed the World and Found the One My Soul Loves <3

Last year, 2013, marked a year of breaking fears and going against all odds to do the unthinkable. Two years prior I never would have imagined myself leaving the country, let alone to preach the gospel and witness the miraculous. In 2011 I had surrendered my life to the Lord Jesus Christ after countless disappointments and unfulfilled promises of this world. I got a DUI and my life flipped upside down. From walking through this dark world alone, afraid, depressed, attention seeking, and never satisfied the Lord touched my life with his love and I have never been the same. He breathed life into me, placed me on the path that leads to life, and touched my heart with the love of Christ. And this is where my life took another turn two years later! I took a leap of faith and I obeyed the commission that God placed on my life and he opened the doors to go on two mission trips to the cities of Trujillo and Tacna Peru to witness city wide transformation by touching the hearts of the people by offering hope through Jesus Christ to a hopeless nation. The city of Trujillo had a population of 1.66 million people and poverty stricken like I had never seen before! My life was instantly changed when I got a glimpse of what these people go through on a day to day basis. My heart cried out for these people and I was more determined than ever to share the hope of Jesus with them. I took risks and got out of my comfort zone and my life will never be the same. I saw hundreds of people give their life to the Lord and countless healings both emotional and physical. God showed me that he doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the called and his calling was loud and clear.

In February of 2013 I started dating a man after Gods heart. He had also devoted his life to Christ and came from a similar background. Over the months we built a foundation of friendship, trust, communication, forgiveness, mercy, grace, and love based off biblical teachings of what it means to have a relationship centered around Christ. We knew in our hearts we had found the one that God so uniquely placed in our lives to share this life with and to fight the good fight with as a team with one desire: to chase after God's heart with a steadfastness love and commitment to one another, the way God has loved us, and to see lives transformed by sharing his goodness and love in the world around us.

On Christmas day Josh invited both of our families to celebrate the holiday together and to my surprise he asked me to marry him! I said "YES!" I am so excited to say that 2013 God answered so many prayers and opened up so many doors and revealed more of his love to me in a real and powerful way. I will never forget the year 2013 and I look forward to 2014! There's always more to go after and this time around I will have the best man ever to stand by my side and cheer me on to chase after my dreams and support me in everything I do to bring glory to God!

Christmas Day right after Josh proposed!
Hundreds of Peruvians at one of the Crusades!
Met this little darling girl at one of the schools in Trujillo, Peru.
Our team of 73 missionaries with the ministry Compassionate Touch International

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