The Old Faithful Geyser brings a lot of people to Yellowstone every year along with beautiful views and hiking trails. Also if you go, Remember not to feed any of the many wild animals.:)
Junior Ranger Program
At the Yellowstone Visitor Center you can ask for a free packet that has activities kids need to complete to earn  a badge. There are 3 badges they can earn in total, 2 for certain age groups and one with a snowflake on it for any kids that finish the packet in the winter. Wait ,your going not going to Yellowstone!! While don't you fear because you can print off a packet from their official website. Some things they won't be able to do, such as map a trail they walked, but as for ranger shows, they can do them virtually.When you have completed the packet if you are at the park take it to a ranger to have them clarify it and get you your badge. If you're not at the park, you can mail it to a ranger at one of the addresses on the website.

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