Agents of socialization  


My family has tough me how to go out on vacations and fish also how to handle sharp objects responsibly. Also how to obey rules that are told by adults. That if you do not obey the elder you would be looked down upon and would be disrespect. But fishing with my family tough me how to share also to have self safety around the water and all the things harmful around me. So it would make you more aware of my surrounds and teaching me those skills.


School has tough me time management and able to work with others in classrooms. Also school makes you more social and out to go get friends. It also tough me how to get work done and how important school is. It also helps me out with preparing for the real life after school with situations. We take classes to help us more to be ready to go off on the real world. The school would also give me a sense of how to act and react to certain things that are right and wrong with punishments and rewards.


My peers would have made me more motivated to be  good person. It would make me a better person by having grades to have to play football and keep grades up. Everyone involves there self with it has to have same requirements to stay on the team so they are all doing the same as you so it makes you not want to let them down. Also it forces you to be social with all your team mates in order to win. The peers could be positive or negative impact on you and you could rather choose to be positive or negative.


Media such as instagram would portray good and bad things. A good thing is role models and people you look at would teach you how to act just like them in good way.Also things you are interested in such as games and sports gear would make you want to go out and buy them. There are also bad things that could influence you to do bad things. If you see people having fun and drinking that could make you want to go out and do that and you would get in trouble. Also if you see people posting them you might posts by just wanting to be like them and you would get in trouble so the media can be god or bad.

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