Apps For Androids

Edu 210

I have selected these five Android Apps to be used for a high school English classroom. These Apps have functional purpose for staying connected with my students, and providing them with easily accessible information.

With Edmodo I am able to organize my classroom from any mobile device. I can keep connected with my students, and my students can stay up to date with classroom assignments.  

Kindle offers different reading options for students. They can read right from their mobile devices if they ever forget their book. With kindle no matter where they go, it is easier for students to complete their reading assignments.

Storykit offers a great assignment in which students can create a story including visuals that they can publish for all.

Grammar is a major part of the English curriculum. This app offers great tools and practice for students struggling with different aspects of grammar.

With Socrative I can create little quizzes for students, in order for me to make sure they have read their reading assignments. These quizzes are easily accessible, as students can use their mobile devices.

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