Texas Oil Discovery

Maggie Barnett

    On January 10, 1901 oil was discovered in Spindletop, Texas. This discovery had a major impact on Texas an it's economy. Many people began to move to Texas with in a matter of days. The gusher shot oil one hundred feet into the air for nine days. This discovery would change the way Americans lived forever.

Spindletop, Oct. 6, 1902

    In the 1920's and 1930's more and more people began to strike oil in Texas. Discovery's were made in West Texas in places like Ranger, Desdemona, and Breckenridge. Oil boom cities in Southeastern Texas include Batson, Goose Creek, Sour Lake, and Humble. Successful wells also appeared in the Panhandle in the cities Amarillo and Borger.

    The boom in the oil industry brought on many social changes in Texas. Many people moved to boom towns. Businesspeople and farmers whose crops had failed moved to boomtowns with a desire to find work in this industry. More oil based products and industries were made and more jobs were created.

                        Products made with Petroleum

  • plastic
  • detergent
  • candles
  • Band-Aids
  • toothpaste
  • vitamans
  • hair gel
  • breath mints
  • sunscreen
  • shampoo/conditioner

    Over the past century oil has effected the way people all over the world live. We use oil to power our homes, transportation, and businesses.  When supply of petroleum is low and demand is high the price increases. This is a negative change for people purchasing oil but a positive change for oil companies and producers trying to make more money. When supply is high and demand is low prices may drop. This change is good for people who are purchasing oil. They may not have to spend as much to power their cars or homes. Prices of oil and fossil fuels change every day based on supply and demand.