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Maggie A

My Spring Break was one of the best times of my life. My family and I went to the Seattle Space Needle with some of our family friends. We all got to ride a ferris wheel that was as high as the space needle.

Gettting places was definitely not easy for having four out of seven people from my family, and having six out of eight people from the other families. That is a total of ten people in a car that only fit 7 people.

After Seattle, just my family went to Cannon Beach in Oregon. In Cannon Beach we went swimming in the pool and the ocean. Right after swimming, we went downtown to go shopping and get ice cream. For a 14 year old like myself, doing all of that stuff was so much fun.

The whole trip in Cannon Beach distracted me from thinking about my soccer game I had to go to right after being in Oregon for a week. Soccer is my favorite sport, so a couple of days before we had to leave, I got my two sisters to come out and play soccer with me on the beach. It wasn't as easy as playing on a field, but playing on the beach helped me prepare for my upcoming game.

This is me when I was about four years old.

This is five out of seven of my family members.

These are some of my family, and some of my second family.

These are my best friends who I am around a lot.

Finally after a long vacation, I got to do my favorite thing. I got to go to Vancouver at Prairie High School for my state cup soccer game. Playing this sport is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I was away from it for more than a week.

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