How to go get a home loan

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Lenders assess your ability to pay back a mortgage by these 5 C’s.

Credit history. Your lender will require you to ensure when you’ve borrowed money, you’ve paid it back. Warning, you have to retain an unsoiled record if you would like your loan approved fast.

Capital. Lenders would like to guarantee you’ve accumulated assets

Collateral. It is the property you use as a security. This would denote you’re putting your house up as collateral

Capacity. Capacity is your capacity to service your debt and it’s measured by your present income versus existing debts and the projected loan repayments.

Character. It’s a combination of all of the above in addition to subjective and objective assessments like how long you have been in your job, what kind of job you have and how long you have lived in your present residence.

Tips to help you get that final tick of approval:

Get preapproved, but then again identify what kind of preapproval your broker/banker is carrying out.

Not all preapprovals are made identical, so it’s significant to comprehend what type of prequalification you’ve been granted. Preapproval can be unconditional- meaning you’ve been set an all clear. Conditional approval indicates there are some things you must meet before the lender issues the fund. Acquiring an unconditional approval is sought-after and can be significantly helped by submitting accurate paperwork.

Bring in all provable information

Make sure to take along with you a letter that affirms your income, pay stubs banking information that demonstrates the source of your down payment. Having this information all promptly available will afford you with a preapproval with fewer conditions. Get all that stuff out of the way, so it’s one minus the things to worry about.

Demand your broker to check and review your credit history

Not every broker will do this at the preapproval period. Nevertheless, it possibly will prevent you from getting final approval. So if you’re not certain, ask.

Build credit history, if you don’t have any

You must be able to present the lender that you have a solid and clean credit history if you’re applying for a mortgage for the first time. This should be prior to applying, verify that you have a credit card that you’ve been using for some time or personal loans that you’re servicing.

Avoid extravagant purchases and job changes

Don’t run out and buy expensive items before you buy a home for the reason that it will hinder the amount you can be suitable for. Adding to that, don’t shift from jobs to jobs within six to eight months of buying, since a lender will look at that, however Turner says, depending on the industry you work in, if it’s a natural progression, it will be looked at differently.


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