8 MEH.2.2.The Decision-Making Model p.27

Scenario 3: Step1:State the situation, i would go to the first party that asked me. Step2:list the option:should you go, should you not go, which one do you go to. Step3 weigh the possible outcomes: if you pick the bad choice then you are become a bad person, if you pick the good choice then  your life would be better. Step4: consider values: the first would be right and my parents would approve it. Step5:make a decision act it: i would choose the first one because it is better for my health.Step6:Evaluate The decision: the first one was good the second one wasnt all that the third one was baded

Scenario 2

Step 1 Situation: I would go to the summer science school. Step2 Options: should i go to the science school, should i sign up for basketball. Step3Possible outcomes: if you pick the signing up for basketball it will help you be an athlete, if you pick the summer science then it would help your grades and make you pass your grades.Step4 Values:my parents would like if i had picked the summer science. Step5 Act it: i would choose the summer science because it would help on my grades. Step6 evaluate: the first one was not that good the second one was excellent.

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