we will consistently launch the Drop Party for RS players

Dear Runescape players, the Firstrskfc Drop Party has joined the countdown level. If you wanna get more FREE Runescape gold or Runescape items, hurry to keep this outstanding chance. It is definitely value you to Runescape 2007 gold adhere to. The Firstrskfc Drop Party will begin at 3:00am onAugust27,2012GMT / 20:00pmon August26,2012 PST at Globe 20 Falador Party Room.

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From now on, we will consistently launch the Drop Party for RS players. To ensure that as many as players be a aspect of the celebration we will keep this celebration in a F2P world.The Dropping List for rs3 gold the Firstrskfc Drop Party: Party Room:Good lot of money to every Runescape gamer, just appreciate the Firstrskfc Drop Party.