The Catcher in the Rye
Reading Log
Kianna Chow

Chapter 1&2

"Game, my ass.  Some game.  If you get on the side where all the hot-shots are, then it's a game, all right—I'll admit that.  But if you get on the other side, where there aren't any hot-shots, then what's a game about it?  Nothing.  No game" (Salinger 8).

Chapter 3&4

"All I need's an audience. I'm an exhibitionist" (29). This quote is an example of community, or lack thereof. So far in the novel, Holden acts indifferently as if he does not have or want a community. He says he is an exhibitionist and that he only needs an audience, but perhaps that is his way of unconsciously saying that he craves an actual community of peers. Though he intends for this as humor for the reader, this statement assists in giving Holden a more in-depth character.

Chapter 5&6

Ackley's personality was not very trenchant, though Holden asked if he wanted to go to the movies with him anyway, but he changed his mind.  Since Holden complied and was indulgent to Stradlater's request, he couldn't think of what to write.  So he decides to write about one of the only things he isn't callous about: his brother.  Although he was supposed to write about a room.  When his roommate got back from his date, the fact that Stradlater's most likely had relations with Jane Gallagher remained tacit.  Holden felt the need to protect Jane, but he only provokes Stradlater instead.  After punching Holden, surely Stradlater felt some compunction.

Chapter 7&8

Why does Holden feel the need to leave Pencey immediately, instead of leaving on Wednesday?

How does Holden feel about Mrs. Morrow and why does he say all that phony stuff about her son?

Chapter 9&10

Why do you think Holden has this sudden urge to call somebody?

If Holden finds the three ladies at the Lavender Room ugly, why does he spend his time with them for most of the time?

Chapter 11&12

Jane is on Holden's mind and he reminisces in his childhood. What does he say about her?

On the way to Ernie's, Holden asks the cabbie about the ducks at the pond in Central Park. What does he say?

Chapter 13&14

Holden admits that he is a virgin, but once the prostitute comes to his room, he doesn't feel like having sex with her. Why would he hold back?

Holden previously called himself a pacifist or yellow.  What event in Chapter 14 contradicts this statement?

Chapter 15&16

Holden strikes up a conversation with a couple nuns. How do his mannerisms differ from when he talks to people he knows?

In this chapter, Holden talks a lot about Phoebe and his childhood field trips to the Museum of Natural History. What does Holden say he likes most about the museum?

Chapter 17

Holden goes on a date with Sally Hayes. If he doesn't like her, why did he ask her out in the first place?

John Green's Catcher in the Rye video

John Green expresses that Holden wants three things.  Holden wants a connection with somebody, wants to stop time, and to distance himself from the pain he had endured.

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