Rio De Janeiro

Where to stay for vacation!!!!!

Rio De Janeiro is called the Marvelous City.It's the 2nd largest city in Brazil.  Natives are called Caricocas (Care-ree-o-cas). Rio is where Rio 1 and Rio 2 were filmed. Every year they have a big Parade called Samba Parade. It is very unique from the other parades. They also speak Portugeese. They do take U.S money.They average temperature is 82 degrees. The weather is also always hot. So put your shades on and lets get going.

As you can see the Parade is very different from the other parades. IT IS THE BIGGEST ATTRACTION ON EARTH!!!! It also last a week. So pack your bags and lets get to the parade!! People that are in the parade has to dance and do what they have to do in a week. And if your going to the Samba Parade and you need to buy tickets hurry before they get sold out. The place is at Scorial Rio Hotel. Time February 21,2015 9:00 P.M - 9:00 A.M.



The Christ Redeemer

It's open 8:30 A.M-7:00P.M. The Christ Redeemer means Jesus Christ. It weighs 625 metric tons and 2,300 foot long.They also have trains to take you to the Christ Redeemer. The train tickets cost 46.00$ per person and their is also parking that cost 36.00$. It's very expensive so I hope you have enough money to go eat and do other things.



Espirito Santa

Market Ipanema

Zaza Bistro

Here is some of the food that they eat

As I said there's a lot of things you can do in Rio De Janeiro. And a lot of places to eat. The food looks good to eat. So put on your shades and don't get left behind in town and lets get going.

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