Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War

The Southern Campaign was a series of wars that were fought by the British and the Americans in the south, which would help determine who won the war all.

After the battles in the North, the British looked towards the South for victories. Their first move in their campaign was to take Savannah, Ga- in which the succeeded in taking. Soon after that victory, the British turned to Charleston. After 3 long months, the Americans finally gave up and handed over Charleston to the British. By October, the Americans had gotten new generals and things were looking up for them. Under General Greene, the Americans were defeating the British, and gaining their land back. The turning point of the war was at the battle of Guilford Court House. Although the British won that battle, it ultimately was a win for the Americans because they had less casualties than the British had. After Guilford Greene moved on to the fort Ninety Six, he started a siege but had to lift it a month later. But soon after the British troops abandoned the fort and moved away to the coast. This signaled that the British were leaving the south and that the Southern Campaign had ended.

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