Texas State University

Maddison Rutherford

O, Alma Mater, set upon the green hills,

With turrets pointing upward to the sky;

We yield to thee our love and our devotion;

Mother of hopes and aspirations high.

Thy feet are laved by pure and limpid waters,

Fair river flowing gently to the sea;

Thy hills are crowned with ancient oak and laurel

Fit emblems they of strength and victory.

Thy walls call tell of struggles and temptations,

Hard honest toil, and eager restless strife;

Hopes, smiles and tears, and radiant youthful friendships,

And all that makes for brave and earnest life.

Dear mother, ours, should effort be successful,

Ambitions crowned with glory or renown,

We turn to thee with reverence and affection,

Thine is the conquest, thine the victor's crown.

Thy spirit urges us to deeds of valor,

Raising the fallen, cheering the oppressed;

Thy call will echo clearly down the ages.

Dear Alma Mater, mother loved and blessed

Boko The Bobcat

Boko, Texas State University's mascot, has many different nicknames such as: Boko and Super Cat

The Bobcat has been the mascot of Texas State University since 1921, when the university adopted the name from the recommendation of a committee formed to raise school spirit. Smaller than mountain lions, bobcats are known for their stubborn fierceness and great courage.

Eat em' Up Cats

We Love Our Team

1. Dedicated in 2006, the Bobcat Victory Ball sits on a marble base outside the main entrance of the End Zone Complex at Bobcat Stadium. Everyone entering the complex is encouraged to rub the ball for luck and personal success. The ball was dedicated in the memory of former Athletic Director Bill Miller, who is the coach with the most football wins in school history.

2.Founded in 1983, the Texas State Rugby Football Club plays college rugby in the Division I-AA Southwest Conference (SWC) against local rivals such as the University of Texas. Texas State has been led by Coach James Summers since 1999. Texas State won the Texas state championship in 2009.Gregg Goodman ('87) played for the U.S. national rugby team.

3. In 2008, Texas State overcame a 21-0 deficit to win the Southland Conference championship with a 48-45 overtime victory against Sam Houston State, its first outright league title since 1982.

4. A thirteen-year rivalry with Nicholls State University ended with the 2011 football season. It began in 1998 when the annual football game between the two schools was at first cancelled due to severe flooding in San Marcos, where the game was to be played. The athletic directors and coaches later decided to postpone the game from October to November. To remember those affected by the floods, including some people who had died in it, a wooden oar was made with each school's colors and initials. The winning school would take possession of the oar for the next year and have the score inscribed on it. This rivalry became known as the Battle for the Paddle. The oar was last traded in 2010 when Nicholls State received it following 47-44 win over Texas State after four overtimes

5. The women's tennis program has won four conference titles(two Lone Star Conference, two Southland Conference), last winning in 1989. The team plays home matches at the Bobcat Tennis Complex, which has a grandstand for the seating of 200.

Why maroon and gold as our bobcats colors? Texas State's school colors are maroon and metallic gold, inspired from our school flower — the native wildflower gaillardia. The flower is sometimes referred to as an "Indian Blanket" or "Mexican Blanket."

Nothing but Bobcats

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