The Revolution!

Nick Coates

Top Ten

#1: George Washington: He helped the patriots stay strong during valley forge. He also became our first president.

#2:Boston Tea Party: It showed America's resistance.

#3: Founding Fathers: Helped get us our freedom. Wrote the Declaration of Independence.

#4: Paul Revere: warned us of the British. Without him, we might not be free.

#5: Common Sense: Helped change people's mind. Helped rally support for war.

#6: Thomas Jefferson: Is on the nickel. Was our third president.

#7: Declaration Of Independence: It proved our independence.

#8: Valley Forge: turning point for Washington's troops. Showed that we were tougher than expected

#9: Articles of Confederation: Central government in which states kept their power. Each state "retained its sovereignty".

#10: Virginia Plan: Bicameral legislature, proportional representation.


Stamp Act 1765: This is when The British put taxes on stamps.

1st Continental Congress 9/1774: our first congress.

4/18/1775: Tea Party: Patriots threw tea overboard

Jan. 1776: Common sense: Thomas Payne changed the mind of Americans for war.

7/4/1776: Declaration Of independence: It literally declared our independence

Nov. 1777: Articles Of Confederation: central government in which states kept power. Each state "retained its sovereignty".

9/17/1787: Constitution: Gave the Amendments life. Holds 27 Amendments.

4/30/1789: 1st president: George Washington was nominated as king but instead decided to be a president

1796: John Adams Election: Close election won by John Adams By 71/68

1798: Alien And Sedition Act: Act passed by Adams When the French Pushed his buttons.


Thomas Paine was born in 1737, Thetford, England. In 1764, He became an excise officer. He wrote The Case Of The Officers' Excise in 1772. He then met Benjamin Franklin in 1774 who helped him emigrate to America. He published Common Sense in 1776. In 1792, he wrote The Common Man. He died June 8, 1809.


Extra Extra! Paul Revere just warned the whole countryside of the Redcoats. He said One lamp by land, two if by sea. This meant that if the British came on land, then light one lamp. If they came by sea, then light two lamps. Spectators said that he was an absolute flash and yet was quite calm all the while. Experts believe that if it wasn't for Mr. Revere, then we would still be at war with The Bloody Redcoats! A tip of the hat to you, sir!!


It is true, John Adams is dead. Born in 1735, and has died this year in 1826. He was 91 years old. Married to Abigail Smith, They had six children together. Mr. Adams was our sixth president. We will all mourn his loss.


Apple Pie

Sugar (2 cups)
Cinnamon (4 teaspoons)
Butter (2 sticks - 8 tablespoons)
Apples (24 green - Granny Smith type, 6 apples per group)
Lemons (4)
Nutmeg (1 teaspoon)
Deep dish pie crusts (4 - preferably Pillsbury pie crusts sold in orange box, or orchard pie crusts in tins)

Ingredients to make pastry (2 crusts)
3/4 - 1 cup sugar - depends on apples
2 tbs flour
1 tsp cinnamon
pinch salt

Directions-Peel and core apples. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Combine sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Put sliced apples in bowl and toss gently until apples are coated. Put apples into pie crust. Dot apples with butter. Fit top crust over pie. Seal and flute. Cut a few slashes on top of pie. Bake in a hot oven (425 degrees) for 30-40 minutes. This pie can be placed in Dutch Oven on the hearth and baked. Makes 2 pies.

By The Numbers

John Adams Had six kids.

George Washington was our 1st President.

In 1778, Disease had killed 2500 men in Valley Forge.

25,000 patriots died over the course of the Revolution.

8,000 actually died in battle.

342 chests of tea were thrown overboard during the tea party.

5 colonists were killed during the Boston massacre.

John Adams won his election 71 to 68.

John Adams referred to The three French men as XYZ.

The constitution has 8 pages.


This map shows routes taken by the Redcoats from 1776 to 1777. It shows battles won by both sides. The beginning of the war shows The Redcoats winning. Soon, however it would take a totally different direction.

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