Micheal Jordan

A charity king

Charity Work

  • Raised over 6 million dollars in charity work
  • He and Chris Paul raised over 100,000  dollars for Make A Wish Foundation
  • Helped with Make A Wish Foundation, Cats Care, Opportunity Village, James R. Jordan Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Special Olymipcs
  • Hosts the Michael Jordan Charity International Golf Tournament
  • Ran a 5k to raise money for Make A Wish
  • Named Chief Ambassador of Make A Wish
  • Granted over 175 wished in the part 2 decades
  • Gave 250,000 dollars to schools athletic programs in Charlotte- Mecklenburg
  • Gave donations to families of 9/11 vitims

What make a hero?

A hero is someone who helps others in need. Michael Jordan is a hero because he puts others first and helps people in need. He donates lots of money to charities and families in need.


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