Home Front Tackk


Name: Phil Jackson  Age: 22

Side: Union

State: New York

Date: June 8, 1864

Bio: I live with my Daniel Rodriguez. My dad is in the war stationed at  Pennsylvania.

Day 1 June 8, 1864

        This morning I made my daily famous breakfast. When I was feeding my horses today I saw a snake about ready to pounce on my favorite horses. After I killed that snake with my teeth I went work. I worked at the shop for a couple of hours. Then I went and worked on my fencing. I went to feed my horses right after that.

         I've been making guns to help the union, and I have been helping the slaves escape.


Day 2 June 9, 1864

                                                            The Great Letter

Dear Dad,

        I have recently heard that there was a battle called "Battle of New Hope Church." I hope you weren't in it. I also hope you get this letter, and your not amount the dead.

        I've been keeping up on my studies, and becoming brilliant. I've been keeping our horses in tip of the top shape since you left. They have even bonded and had fillies.

        I hope you are able to write back, or better yet come home soon.


Phil Jackson

Day 3 June 10, 1864

        I went and fed the sheep, and to my surprise one was giving birth. So for about a hour. I went on a date with Betsy today; it was and went great.

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