Is Awareness Enough?

"Knowing that something exists, is not quite the same as fully supporting the issue." -Mari Nosal

"An example would be that we may see a homeless individual on the street and feel some empathy for their dilemma. This is an example of awareness of a situation. An individual may express concern for the homeless person’s situation, yet walk by them and go about their day. Rather than walking away, the individual who acts upon their concern and offers the individual a cup of coffee, etc. has learned from their level of awareness and used their knowledge to take action."-Mari Nosal

I love reading Mari Nosal's blogposts on #Twitter.  She has lived the life I'm currently living.  She's out advocating for children just like her own.  Don't just go out and wear blue just to be "aware" do something.  Be a part of the solution. Make a change, have an impact.  Children with #autism or on the #spectrum have a lot to offer this world.  Just because they don't fit in the "box" the rest of the world has created, they can make huge contributions to society.  Acceptance, knowledge and change is what we need, not just awareness.  #DoJustDontWearBlue #MakeAnImpact #Aspergers