The 1 Percenters

The gap between the most wealthy and most poor is at an all time high in the USA today. The rich are becoming richer, the poor are becoming more in debt, and the middle class is shrinking. Social inequality is a persistent and growing problem in the US over the last century.

The Income inequality problem in the U.S is a certain threat to every citizen.The 1 percent are powerful and continuing to grow. In the chart above from Emmanuel Saez, University of California Berkeley,  the average income can be visualized for different economic classes. The top 0.01% have an annual income of almost 24 million. On the other hand, the bottom 90% only receive a mean of about 30 thousand. That means the top 1 percent have 800 times the annual income of the bottom 90%.  Also, in the chart below you can see that the rich are becoming richer, while the others are staying the same or even losing income. With the top 1 percent becoming more rich and the others struggling to keep up, the problem of Income inequality will continue to grow and the gap between rich and poor will keep widening.

What I Learned: The income gap is a huge problem. The rich are staying rich while the rest of the U.S are losing income.

Whys It Important: The rich are powerful and they control most of the wealth. With the majority of us not being in the one percent, we will face most of the problem of not gaining any extra income compared to the rich.

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