Roles of the President

What are the roles of the president of the United States? There are currently eight!

  • Head of State - Symbol of the nation, carries ceremonial functions, and aids diplomacy with foreign leaders
  • Executive Leader - Appoints cabinet departments, carries out nation's laws, decides who runs the cabinet departments
  • Legislative Leader - Can propose ideas to legislation, can support ideas, or can dissuade ideas
  • Party Leader - Leads political party, gives speeches to fellow party members, raises money for party
  • Judicial Leader - Appoints judges to supreme court, appoints federal court judges, issues reprieves and pardons, and can
  • Economic Leader - Develops a national budget, helps assist the economy, gives support to helpful programs
  • Diplomatic Leader - Maintain's healthy relationships with foreign parties, keeps peaceful shows of good health, ensures other countries are allies
  • Commander in Chief - Able to show foreign policy decisions with force, in charge of Armed forces, may deploy troops.

Pinpointing a Role

The role of the Commander in Chief is to lead the US Armed Forces in times of conflict, he is able to command, send, and return soldiers as needed.

Finding the Limits

Popular sovereignty may decide a president's actions unsavory.

Cannot amend the constitution or pass laws by himself.

Extend his own term or increase his pay.

Congress can override a presidential veto.

Congress must approve appointments by the president.

Congress must approve all treaties before they may go into effect.

Only Congress may declare war.

Articles of Power

Performing the Roles