Oil Spill Project

I did this project by, looking at the entire picture then finding different shapes inside of the entire picture, I found circles, triangles, and rectangles. Then I measured each little shape, and found the measurement, added all the measurements together to find the total area.  

Total Area



I have my full work in my Notebook.

Exact Measurement

My Measurements are not exact because, other people did different shapes than me so, that means that my area will be different than everyone else ,and it will be different than the actual answer.

More or Less

I feel like my answer will be less than the actual answer, because I did not round my answers for each shape, So they could not be more if I used the exact answers from the calculator, and didn't round up. So when you clean up the Spill, you would have to add more area so that you can clean up the right amount and not less.

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