Farewell to Manzanar

By: Russell B.C


1.Jeanne Wakatsuki

2. Woodow (woody)- Is the 3rd kid and takes charge when papa detained at fort Lincoln for a year.

3. Kiyo- The 9th kid and Jenne's favorite brother.

4. Fred-Suspected calibrator with the U.S government, was beaten in a riot.


  • To over come obstacles.


The story takes place in California, Santa Cruz,and a camp called Manzanar. The Wakatsuki family has to deal with the bad bed, sickening food, and the hot Temp. (around 90-100) Will they survive Manzanar?   In first person and nonfiction.

How Jeanne changed

When the war broke out Jeanne didn't think much of and treated it like a joke and as she sees how people have to live (when at Manzanar) she starts to see whats going on and wants to help her country in the war.

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