Mr.pitts summer


We learned about a bunch  of websits and her one of them

are you game

In math camp arcade we normal play prodigy and  we catch  monsters and you fight  you gane levels and you learn new moves  and get more harts.The monsters you catch can evolve in to bigger and stronger monsters my favorite monster is the tempest the evolution of squally the ghost.

In are you game we play on our crone books some second graders watch us and me and Jackson. we first played  dominoes  then we desisted to play on our Chromebooks  then we did that fore the rest of are you game.

Teak treshers

In teak  threshers we get to play alote of games and we get to play any apropryit  wed sits or we do cool games i love playing prodigy I love Teke treshers we did tons of websits.

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