My name is Samantha Ross, and I am 18 years of age. I live in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania,1864 and i am in support of the union. I also have a brother named Andrew who is stationed in Portsmouth, North Carolina.

June 12, 1864  

This morning I woke up to start my daily chores for the morning. First, I always go out to the barn to feed the chicken, then I collect eggs to make breakfast for my mother and father, once I'm done with that its on to cleaning the house of dust and making all the beds look nice. In the afternoons I usually go to the market to pick out the good food and search for any recent news of the war. I also went to the soap shop and later found some delicious smelling candles for mother. Although my responsibilities consume most of my day I still always find time to work as a nurse down at the base in town where wounded soldiers go when they come home for a short period of time.

June 13, 1864

Dear Andrew,  I miss you very much brother, I have been very busy at the nursing building at the base in town lately. I heard at the market that there was a battle near you that you might of been apart of and the family and I was wondering if you were alright. If you are alright then please get a letter back to me as soon as possible.

June 14, 1864

Today instead of doing my morning chores I left the house early. When I got to the base in town I was sent off to collect food for the wounded soldiers.  As I predicted people in town were not willing to give a lot but I pitched in some.

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