The Moons importance

Ashlyn Harris
6th hour

The moon's role

The moon plays a very important part in our solar system, there are millions of things that have to do with the moon. Some happenings that happen on Earth that involve the moon are tides, eclipses, and moon phases.

Moon Phases

The moon is a sphere that travels around Earth every 29.5 days. The moon phases are a result of the moon's orbit around the Earth as it reflects the sun's light. During a full moon, you could experience different feelings, emotions, and desires.

There are different types of tides like a low tide which is the lowest level of sea surface height. There's high tides which is the highest level of sea surface. There's also spring tides and neap tides. These tides occur by variations in gravitational attraction between the Earth.

The two main types are Lunar and Solar eclipses. There's also A Total eclipse, Annular eclipse, a hybrid eclipse, a partial eclipse, penumbral eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, and total lunar eclipse.

The moon is important because of the way that it interacts with the earth. The moon also controls the ocean tides which allow the life of the ocean to be exposed in a short period of time. The moon also helps the Earth not to spin much faster because its gravity pull on the earth.

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