Louie Zamperini

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Art class
made by Chris R.

Louie Zamperini  was born on January 26, 1917 - July 2, 2014                     

            Significant Events in History that Affected Louie

  • He ran the Olympics games during Adolf Hitler Ruling
  • World War II
  • The Great Depression
  • Billy Graham was a tent preacher in the United States

                                              Louie's  Childhood

As a  child Louie had an older brother named Pete and two younger sisters, Virginia and Sylvia. Louie attended Torrance High School.  Their family was not very wealthy and sometimes they had financial struggles.  Louie got bullied so, his dad taught him self-defense. Louie also smoked and drank alcohol. Louie got caught one day by the police and got punished by his dad so he took advice from his brother Pete and started to run  track, and that led to him making the Olympics team.     


People who influenced Louie Life

  • Louie's Dad taught him how to use self defense.
  • Pete (Louie's Brother) was Louie's best friend and role model.
  • Billy Graham (A tent preacher) helped  Louie commit his life to Jesus.  

Unique facts...

1. ''Louie shutters the national high school  mile record at the 1974 southern California track and field championship''.

2. Louie was in the Olympics during Adolf Hitler ruling.

3.Louie was kept in a prison called Omori POW camp in Tokyo Bay.


1. Louie was a Olympic runner who was also a world record holder.

2. Louie  was a bomber fighter pilot during World War II.

3.Louie survived 47 days in a raft at sea after his B42 plane went down during a dogfight.

4.He survived torture in a Japanese POW camp.  

5.He carried the Olympic torch in the 1984 Olympics.

The theme of Louie's life

Louie Zamperini promoted the ideals of forgiveness, and that nobody is your enemy if you forgive them.

Louie's words of advice and what he has taught me

1. I think being an athletic is a great asset to a prisoner of war because you always have that desire to come out on top.

2. I advise people to take survival training on land sea and in the air.

3. I'd rather be dead because if i did it, I couldn't live with myself for the rest of my life.

I never realized this before I read the book and watched the movie and videos of how brave Louie Zamperini was during some very difficult times in his life.. I hope I grow up to be as brave as he was and to always forgive.

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