Digital citizenship parent guide.
By Marissa Huber

Digital Access: being able to digitally participate in society.

Parents teach your kids to:

-be mindful of everyone's economic predicament(digitally based)

-use precaution when using or visiting websites from other countries.

-basic computer terms like: mouse, monitor, keypad or keyboard, hard drive.

-knowledge on technology and their benefits to those with special needs. how they can make like easier and help those that are having trouble. (autism and how the ipad can help teach them basic mathematics and reading comprehension skills.)

Digital Commerce: buying and selling online.


-make sure all websites are secure- https or security lock in corner.

-know what and where you're buying from. (credible websites)

-knowing how to write a positive and negative review about a product you purchased (brief and informative)

-the evolution of advertismens and how they make you think and feel (colors, sounds, emotional and physical state)

Digital Communication: communication..digitally


-teach kids to be careful who they communicate with over technology

-risk facts of online communication( fraud, theft, etc.)

-know who they're talking to!

-teach them that nothing is truly private online so to be mindful of what they say and do

Digital Literacy: learning the how to's and what to do's on technology


-basic computer skills( typing, using search engines, starting and shutting off a computer properly)

-saving files onto computers and accessing documents on other computers(word, pdf)

-the future of technology and where it can go. >>videos on WATSON and other specialized machinery

-international and local digital divide- how one group of people have access and another does not

Digital Etiquette: technological standards on conduct


-having to take responsibility for EVERYTHING you put online

-posting pictures that can get you locked up. (nudes/child pornography/ felonies like drugs and alcohol consumption)

-digital image- everything you post online automatically represents you

-bullying, swearing, elicit behavior lowers your oppurtunities. nothing is ever fully removed from the internet.

Digital Law: online responsibilites.


-how laws are formed and followed digitally.

-fair use: rights of the public to use copyrighted material

-copyright- the right to make copies or license any form of media without subject to exploitation that is protected for the lifetime of the author.

-SOPA- stop online piracy act: stopping counterfeit goods on the web

-PIPA- Protect IP act: having the right to protect your personal information and keeping it out of databases using it for advertisement and gaining money

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