Presidential project

Early Life

Bill Clinton was born on Aug. 19 1946 in Hope, Arkansas to William Blythe and Virginia Cassidy. His father died only a few months before little Bill was born leaving his mother to raise him. Early on in his life Virginia went down to New Orleans to complete a 2 year nursing degree to provide for Bill. He was raised by his grandparents for a little while and they instilled the values of education into Bill. He claimed he was reading small books at the age of 3. Clinton was drawn to gospel music and began playing saxophone in high school, he was later considered the best sax player in the city.

Fun facts

- He was the 2nd youngest president sworn into office. (46)

- One of two presidents that were left handed.

- MLK "I Have A Dream" speech made such a big impact on Bill, he memorized the whole speech.

- He went to Georgetown U., then went on to graduate from Yale law school.

- He was the 42nd president.

- Bill was impeached due to the Monica Lowinsky scandal.

- Democratic

- Bill was elected twice, but was impeached (January 20, 1993, until January 20, 2001).

- First lady Hillary Clinton

How he helped U.S.

Bill Clinton lead the longest economic expansion this country has ever seen, he lead creation of over 22 million jobs. In 1994 the U.S. had the lowest combination of unemployment/inflation. Bill passed the Brady Bill, witch imposed a 5 day waiting period on handgun purchases witch provided more time for background checks. He also passes the Crime Bill witch put over 100,000 new police officers on the streets and also implemented the 3 strike rule. Provided tax cuts for incomes lower than 27,000 dollars. the PDSL (Presidents Direct Student Loan Program) allowed students to borrow money from the government with low interest rates and flexible payment options.

Where is he now

After he left office, he continued to be active in the public area, touring the world, writing books, and campaigning for Democrats, including his wife, Hillary Clinton.


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