A Blog Post: 2 Choices for a New Teacher

New Teacher Breakfast!!

Flux. This word describes my life right now. In physics, this noun communicates a sense of movement–flow within time and space. My teaching state-of-mind isn’t quite concrete or tangible (yet). My physical surroundings are in a state of upheaval as I try to determine just what to do with the barren square footage I have been granted. Everything I thought I knew about constructivism, student-centered learning, technology implementation in the classroom, etc.has been redefined, repurposed, or rebuilt over the past few days as I experience New Teacher Training. Hyperbole aside, I am chock-full of information–brimming over with ideas for authentic assessments, learning experiences, transformative environments, collaborative opportunities, and so on.

The way I see it, this Zero Year Teacher, has two choices: 1) allow herself to become completely disoriented and overwhelmed or 2) thrive and realize that flux is synonymous with opportunity.

I choose 2 because I have the choice to succeed, as my students do.

I choose 2 because in college, my mantra was “fake it ’til you make it” (sorry, that blog title was taken).

I choose 2 because this is what I’ve been waiting for! I owe it to myself, my supportive family, husband, and learners to take every fear of newness and crush it.

I will sink my fingers into this overstirred jelly of a brain right now, and try to come up with useable and relatable experiences for my learners. Even if I fail–which will invariably mean crashing, burning, falling from the sky like blue ice (you get the picture) I will try to do so with grace and optimism. I will welcome flux.

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