Connor wells
Halkuff/ core 3

My experience of meditation

The three things that we did during our meditation were worked on our posture and the correct way to sit and breathe. Another thing that I learned was to imagine that me and an animal friend were going to a garden to plant three things that I liked about my life, then me and my animal friend walked to a lake and threw a rock of a bad thing in my life way out into the lake.

Before I had tried meditation I didn't think it would be very useful and wouldn't work. During the three activities that we did I was feeling very relaxed and just about fell asleep because I was so relaxed during the process. Yes I would do meditation again because it help me relax a lot more and it made me fell better


Meditation- A relaxing and calming process for stress.
How to Meditate. To meditate you have to get into a quiet room and breath very deeply with your eyes closed.

Mantra- A MANTRA is a word that is repeated during meditation. All that you have to do is say your word when you are breathing out.

Deep breathing- Deep breathing is when you breath very slowly and you breathe from the bottom of your stomach.

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