CPR: How To Save a Life

Abdominal Thrust

When someone is choking put your arms around their body and under their ribs then

thrust and the food should come out their mouth. My friend was choking and I used Abdominal Thrust to get it out.


Put the heel of your hand in the middle of the persons chest then press, you should do at least 100 pushes per minute. My dad had to use CPR on someone and they lived.

Universal Precautions
Practicing with medicine and other things. My friends mom is a nurse so she uses Universal Precautions


When you inhale oxygen and then exhale carbon dioxide. Breathing is something that we do every day.


You choke when something gets stuck in your esophagus. Igot choked on a peppermint when I was 7 years old.


When you have a car crash or something that will hurt you but was not done on purpose. My dad was in and accident when he drove off the rode.


Something that can be dangerous to you or others. When their is a fire that is an emergency.


When you faint you go unconscious without meaning to. I felt faint after i ran the 5k.

First aid

Emergency treatment given to sick or injured people. I cut my leg so i needed a band-aid from the First aid kit.


The pumping of blood from your heart. If your put your hand on your heart you can feel the heartbeat.


The regular throbbing of the arteries. There is a pulse somewhere in your neck and hand.


To save someone from danger or harm. Superheroes rescue other people from danger.


The act of inhaling and exhaling, breathing. Our respiratory system develops Respiration


A sudden event that happens not planed that could cause injury. My dad got in a car accident.

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