For my wild card entry. I'm going to create a soundtrack for our play

*Crazy in love by L'orchestra Cinematique for the overall feel of our play. There's just something about it that has sex appeal to it. It could be because of the fact that it's from 50 shades of grey but there's something in her voice though. I don't know.

*Be thou my vision for Vannessa. Vanessa's character is a catholic that believes in everything that the bible says including that sex before marriage. Be thou my vision is a Catholic hymn. So I thought this fit her very well.

*Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy by Tata Young for my character. This song is about a girl who's cool with her sexuality and isn't afraid to admit that she likes to have sex. One of the lyrics "I'm the 180 of the stereotype of a girl staying home and acting innocent." That to me is my character. She's the complete opposite of Vanessa's character.

*Problem Child by AC/DC for Dirk's character. His character is a rapist. I chose the song is about this guy taking whatever he wants and not really caring about the consequences. This just reminds of me Dirk's character because the monologue he shared with us was just like I wanted you so I took you. Something about this song just spoke me.

*Because of you by Kelly Clarkson. So this song might be a little too obvious and cliche but I just think this song  really hits Steph's character. She's a rape victim. This song is angry and blaming a person for hurting her in a such a way that she's basically afraid of everything.

Wild Card