Solutions for climate change

Some stuff we can do to save our planet

You may be desperate about the future of our planet but there's still time to stop climate change and we can all make a difference as a single individual or as a country.

The main cause of climate change is greenhouse gas emissions. So, you could move closer to work in order to reduce your CO2 emissions or start using a bike, using mass transit or even walking if it’s not far from home! You might think it won’t change anything but if everyone puts an effort in it, we can make important changes. Another thing to do would be to think green when you buy stuff. This doesn’t mean you have to buy it cheaper but you should think of buying what needs the less energy to be made (and therefore released less CO2 during its making or transportation). For example, you could buy stuff that is made locally so that less greenhouse gas was released by the vehicle sending it to your supermarket. If we start following these easy steps, we could make a significant difference about climate change and probably stop its consequences.

About countries, every country could make an effort in using more renewable energies and less coal and oil, because these energies are the main cause of climate change. Countries should also create laws which prohibit intensive tree cutting because trees have a capacity of stocking CO2, which helps us fight climate change. Next year, there will be a conference in Paris about climate change, like the one that was held in Kyoto in 1997 and that led to a treaty. This conference might be determining for the future of our planet and many countries will propose changes of their habits concerning the environment.

As you can see, stopping climate change isn’t the job of a single person and if we want to do it, everyone has to put an effort in it starting from now!

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