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At Palma Financial Services, Inc. we specialize in accounting, tax and financial planning for closely held businesses. We are a bilingual firm also active in the Hispanic community assisting individuals, businesses and young entrepreneurs.

The primary goals for our clients are tax and financial literacy, minimizing taxes and building wealth. Since 1998, our proven strategies have helped our clients achieve their financial goals with minimal investment and audit risk by the taxing authorities.

Our expertise includes Retirement Planning and Tax Free Investment vehicles with guaranteed rates of return. Since 2007, partly in response to widespread economic uncertainty, we have made a pledge to pursue a conservative approach; we stay away from mutual funds and other variable products, essentially avoiding the stock market for any of our clients’ investments.

At Palma Financial Services, we recognize that most of our clients cannot afford to gamble with their future by investing in Wall Street. To address their concerns and build wealth, our approach uses a low-risk, reasonable return strategy that employs guaranteed financial products, such as life insurance and annuities. Various clients have expressed to us that they sleep better at night knowing that their money is safe and growing risk-free.

Our fiduciary responsibility to you is of the utmost importance to our firm. By investing with us you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly with you to design a tax and financial strategy that is customized for your particular situation.

Your continued success is paramount to our success. Many of our clients are referrals from our existing client base, and our objective is to continue building more positive relationships.

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